acin Association of Indigenous Cabildos of Northern
aico Indigenous Authorities of Colombia
aiso Indigenous Authorities of the Southwest
asi Indigenous Social Alliance
ccf Christian Children’s Fund
cecidic Center for Education, Training, and Research for the
Integrated Development of Communities
cet Ethnoeducational Center of Tóez Caloto
cima Committee for the Integration of the Colombian
cnk Nasa Kiwe Corporation
cric Regional Indigenous Council of Cauca
crih Regional Indigenous Council of Huila
eln National Liberation Army
farc Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia
fst Sun and Land Foundation
maql Quintín Lame Armed Movement
m-19 April 19th Movement
ngo nongovernmental organization
npa New People’s Army
onic National Indigenous Organization of Colombia
par participatory action research
peb Bilingual Education Program (part of cric)
rls Reverse Language Shift
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