1 Coastal section of the IX Region, between Carahue and Puerto
Saavedra 2
2 Fundo expansion along the coastal sector of the IX Region 35
3 Locations of Nicolás Ailío I and Nicolás Ailío II within the IX Region
1 Members of the asentamiento Arnoldo Ríos in the door of the barn of
the ex-fundo Rucalán, 1971 27
2 Don Antonio Ailío’s family outside their house in Nicolás Ailío
I-Tranapuente, 1997 28
3 Doña Marta Antinao and don Heriberto Ailío outside their house in
Huellanto Alto, August 2001 28
4 Don Armando Ailío and his wife, doña Carmen Huentemilla, with
their children in front of their house in Tranapuente, 1991 29
5 The coastal zone, from the community of Nicolás Ailío I, 1999 30
6 Northern part of the fundo Nehuentúe, 1996 30
7 Field on the fundo Nehuentúe, in the lowlands near the Imperial River,
1999 31
8 Fishing boats on the Imperial River, at the port of Nehuentúe 31
9 Living room of the new Landarretche family home, fundo Rucalán,
1997 32
10 Members of the community of Nicolás Ailío on their first visit to their
new lands in Gorbea, December 1996 32
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