a c k n o w l e d g m e n t s
have accrued many intellectual debts in thewriting of this book. First
I thank those institutions whose generous financial support has en-
abled and enriched this project at every stage: Rice University’s Dean of
lon Foundation, and Rutgers University’s Center for Childhood Studies.
People have been even more important to this book’s completion, and
I am honored as well as humbled to be able to count such a wealth of
individuals as friends. The friends I made at Trinity University have con-
tinued to be invaluable to me through the last five years. Jack Kerkering
and Heather Sullivan have been infinitely patient, good-humored, and in-
telligent sounding boards, spirit lifters, and friends through it all, and my
thanks to them go beyond words. A number of Rice University friends
Emerson, Alex Lichtenstein, Kirsten Ostherr, Anthony Pinn, and Allison
project. The late Elizabeth Dietz exerted an enduring influence on this
Mellon Hemispheric Americas Seminar whose smart reading of portions
of this project made it stronger: Elizabeth Fenton, Dave Messmer, Cory
Ledoux, Molley Robey, Gale Kenny, and Ben Wise. I am tremendously
grateful for these local friends and for those sprinkled across the country
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