I would like to thank the Council for International Exchange of
Scholars (cies), for having granted me the Fulbright–García Robles
research scholarship, which made it possible for me to put together
this book. Thanks also to Ryan Long, Rob Sikorski, and Jean O’Barr,
without whose support I would not have been able to spend a year at
Duke University, where I completed most of the research necessary
for compiling the anthology and where I wrote this introduction and
my essay. I would also like to acknowledge the sincere generosity and
friendship of Natalie Hartman, at the Center for Latin American
and Caribbean Studies at Duke, whose support facilitated my
work. I thank Cindy Bunn and Robert Healy, also at Duke,
for their invaluable assistance.
Finally, of course, and as always, I thank John Mraz for
his immeasurable and indispensable collaboration at every
stage of this project.
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