I want first to thank María Palomar for helping me get started on my re-
search in Mexico. Others who were vital to the early stages of research,
some of them more than they realize, were Alicia Azuela, Ruth Lechuga,
Guillermo Andrade López, Gutierre Aceves Píña, Rubén Páez Kano,
Stephen Vollmer, James Kessinides, Daniela Spenser, Roger Bartra, and
Karen Cordero Reiman.
In the Mexican archives I often was searching for materials that some-
times not even the archivists knew they possessed. The staff at the various
institutions were remarkably helpful and patient as I requested one dusty
unorganized box after another. I particularly want to thank Roberto Pérez
Aguilar at the ahsep, Leticia Fuentes at the Biblioteca Lerdo de Tejada,
and Gerardo Rivas at the Centro de Documentación at inah. My thanks
to Reeve Lindbergh for generously granting me access to the Morrow
Family Archives at Smith College and to Rosa Zarate Uribe for helping me
to learn more about her mother. I also want to express my gratitude to the
people of Olinalá for sharing with me their memories and for welcoming
me into their community and homes. In Olinalá I would like to single out
Donasiano Ayala Mejía, Bernardo Rosendo, Concepción Ventura Pérez,
Esteban Ayala Mejía, and Felicitas Ayala Martínez for providing me with
a base in the community.
At Yale, in Mexico, and elsewhere, I have benefited from the insights,
support, and collaboration of many friends and colleagues, including
Kevin Repp, Jim Scott, Raymond Craib, Patricia Pessar, Mark Overmyer
Velázquez, Stuart Schwartz, Jennifer Johnson, Nora Crespo, Susan Danly,
Jeffrey Rubin, Patricia González, Esperanza Balderas, Laura Lovett, Pilar
Fosado, Mauricio Tenorio, Alec Dawson, Michael Denning, Gabriela Soto
Laveaga, Amy Chazkel, Emilia Viotti da Costa, Viviane Mahieux, Robin
Greeley, Adriana Zavala, Sarah Buck, Andrew Sackett, Steve Bachelor,
Marni Sandweiss, the editors and anonymous reviewers working through
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