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Preface to the English Edition
This text was originally conceived, written, and published in Spanish. Fol-
lowing the advice of the readers for Duke University Press, I have modified it
in a couple of ways to make it more suitable for the academic public in the
English-speaking world. I am indebted to the anonymous readers for their
extremely helpful suggestions. First, I introduced more references to and
discussed at greater length the relevant literature, which will help the reader
place my work in a wider perspective. Second, I reduced or deleted quotes
and references (most of them song lyrics, descriptions of performances,
discourses, or speeches) that were more directed toward the Peruvian, Span-
ish, and Spanish-Quechua readership.
The translation was not an easy task, but it was successfully done thanks
to the arduous work of Javier Flores-Espinoza, who also translated my first
book from English into Spanish. This previous experience and his thorough
knowledge of Peruvian history and reality proved to be key in the comple-
tion of the task. However, I also owe much to my husband, Charles Walker,
who was, as he has always been, my main consultant for editing my work in
English. His patience and encouragement have always been crucial to my
academic (and nonacademic!) life. For continuous help and support I am
also indebted to Valerie Millholland, who made this publication possible.
From the time I timidly inquired into the possibility of publishing an En-
glish version of this book until the very last steps of submission of the final
translation of the manuscript she has always been generous with her time,
extremely responsive, kind, and good-humored. Valerie is every author’s
dream editor.
When the Spanish version of the book was in the final stages of produc-
tion and the translation of the modified version for the English edition was
under way, Evaristo Tupa, a musician and photographer whose testimony I
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