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This limited discography only includes a minimum number of available recordings
of some of the musical pieces explicitly mentioned in the text. It in no way intends to
cover the vast range of recordings of Cuzco music available for the period studied.
Benavente Díaz, Julio
Charango et chants du Cuzco/Charango and Songs from Cuzco. cd. OCORA, Radio
France (cd C 559037), 1988.
Centro Qosqo de Arte Nativo
Saqsayhuamán, LP. IEMPSA (LD 1763), n.d.
Centro Qosqo de Arte Nativo. Cassette. Centro Qosqo de Arte Nativo, n.d.
Qosqo Llaqta, LP. IEMPSA (ELD–02–01.11), 1984.
Qosqo Takiyninchis. cd. IEMPSA (cd 91150069), n.d. Original LP, 1964 (LD 1446).
Danzas del Tawantinsuyo
Danzas del Tawantinsuyo, LP. IEMPSA (LD 1304), n.d.
Municipalidad del Cuzco
Música del Qosqo. Four cassettes and booklet. Municipalidad del Qosqo, 1991.
Pillco Family
Familia Pillco, Violins from the Andes. cd. tumi Music (LC 3885), 2001.
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