This project developed over the course of a good number of years. We first
discussed it in late 2000 as we read through the proof pages for The Ties that
Bind. Many people encouraged and helped us maintain focus on this book,
and we would like to take this opportunity to thank them. Miriam Angress,
our editor at Duke University Press, worked hard to bring this volume to
its readers. We are grateful for her patience, hard work, and good cheer.
We would also like to express our gratitude to the anonymous readers for
Duke University Press whose comments and questions helped us improve
the project.
From Anthony Pinn: I would like to thank Caroline Levander, Ramon
Rentas, Eli Valentín, Alexander Byrd, Michael Emerson, and Edward Cox for
their kind words, encouragement, and friendship. Finally, I thank my gradu-
ate student Torin Alexander who worked to ensure that the manuscript met
Duke’s formatting requirements. And to my family, thanks as always!
From Benjamín Valentín: I would like to thank my beloved wife, Karina,
for her unfailing love and support. Also, I am grateful for the unconditional
love and care of my family—Angel, Santa, Betsy, and Elieser Valentín. I of-
fer thanks to my colleagues at Andover Newton Theological School for their
support through the years.
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