This book benefited from the insight and generous assistance of many
individuals. First, we would like to thank Jenny Toomey and Kristin
Thomson for their enormous contributions. As the executive director of
Future of Music Coalition (fmc), Jenny introduced the two of us to each
other in 2005 and helped in the conception of the project. In addition,
she secured funding for the work, participated in all of the planning,
conducted many of the interviews, and helped us edit the first draft.
As research and education director of fmc, Kristin managed the edit-
ing process for the first draft and arranged for informal but extensive
peer reviews. Since then, Kristin has read and commented on draft after
draft over a three- year period; we owe a lot to her skill as an editor.
Sam Howard- Spink, now a music- business professor at New York
University, conducted some interviews on our behalf in 2006. We had
great conversations with— and received valuable advice from— Peter
Jaszi and Patricia Aufderheide, both of American University. Their
work on licensing and fair use in documentary films inspired this book.
We also want to thank Benjamin Franzen, Kembrew’s documentary
partner on the film Copyright Criminals. The film, which serves as a
kind of multimedia companion piece to this book, is the source of some
of the interviews found herein.
We would like to thank all of our interviewees, who are listed in ap-
pendix 1. This book samples liberally from the way our interviewees
expressed themselves, but it also relies on the understanding and ideas
they conveyed.
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