Dan Berger is the author of Captive Nation: Black Prison Or ganizing in the Civil Rights
Era (2014), among other titles. He is an assistant professor of comparative ethnic stud-
ies at the University of Washington Bothell and a founding member of Decarcerate PA.
Long T. Bui is a visiting assistant professor at Wesleyan University in the Department
of American Studies. In his work, Bui explores the po litical economy of race, gender, and
sexuality to discuss issues of globalization, militarism, and empire.
Glen Coulthard (Yellowknives Dene) is an assistant professor in the First Nations
studies program and the Department of Po litical Science at the University of British
Tania Das Gupta is a professor in the Department of Equity Studies, York Univer-
sity. Her publications, teaching, and research interests are in the following areas: South
Asian diaspora, race and racism, antiracism, immigration and refugee issues, state poli-
cies, women, work, and families, and community activism. Her publications include Real
Nurses and Others: Racism in Nursing (2009) and Racism and Paid Work (1995).
Nada Elia is a Palestinian Diaspora activist and a founding member of the U.S. Cam-
paign for the Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel. She resides in Seattle, where
she also coordinates the grassroots activist umbrella organ ization NorthWestBDS.
She has taught at Brown University, Tufts University, the University of Mas sachu-
setts, Purdue University, Western Washington University, and Antioch University–
Seattle. Elia is currently completing “Who You Callin’ ‘Demographic Threat?’ Notes
from the Global Intifada,” a gendered analy sis of the racism at the core of Israel’s settler
Nirmala Erevelles is a professor of social and cultural studies in education at the
University of Alabama. Her teaching and research interests lie in the areas of disability stud-
ies, critical race theory, transnational feminism, sociology of education, and postcolonial
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