Many Stanford friends and colleagues had a hand in the realization of
this volume during the academic year 1986-87 while Calderon was a Ford
Fellow at the Stanford Humanities Center and Saldivar was a National
Research Council Fellow at the Stanford Center for Chicano Research. We
would like to take this opportunity to express our appreciation to Bliss
Carnochan and Mort Sosna, director and associate director of the Human-
ities Center, and Renato Rosaldo and Armando Valdez, director and associ-
ate director of the Center for Chicano Research, for their cooperation in
sponsoring "Chicano Literary Criticism in a Social Context," the May 1987
conference which brought together many of the contributors to this vol-
ume. We also want to acknowledge the enthusiastic support and generous
funding received from Fernando de Necochea, assistant provost, the entire
Chicano student and scholarly community, and the departments of English,
history, Spanish and Portuguese, comparative literature, modern thought
and literature, American studies, feminist studies, and Latin American
studies. A special debt of gratitude is owed to Dee Marquez, of the Stanford
Humanities Center, and Jose Antonio Burciaga, resident fellow of Casa
Zapata, and Victoria Calderon for their assistance in making the conference
a success.
Roberto Trujillo, Curator of Mexican-American Collections for Stan-
ford University Libraries, was kind enough to lend his expertise and assis-
tance in preparing the selected and annotated bibliography of Chicano
literary criticism. His fine staff made our tasks of editing and revising our
selections much easier: in 1988 Gary Cordova wrote the original annota-
tions; Janet Goitia prepared the manuscript version of the bibliography and
also assisted in editing the annotations.
We would also like to acknowledge the encouragement and support
received from Gloria Anzaldua, Houston A. Baker, Jr., Paul Lauter, Werner
Sollors, and William Mills Todd III. Reynolds Smith, our editor at Duke,
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