NORMA ALARCON, Assistant Professor of Chicano Studies at the University of
California, Berkeley, teaches courses in Hispanic women writers and feminist theory. She
is the founder, publisher, and editor of Third Woman !ourna1 and Press. She is the author
of Rosario Castellanos' Feminist Poetics: Against the Sacrificial Contract
and is
presently at work on Feminism and Nationalism: The Poetics and Politics of Identity.
HECTOR CALDERON is Associate Professor of Hispanic Studies and Chicano Studies
at Scripps College. He is the author of Conciencia
1enguaje en e1 tlQuijote"
obsceno pajaro de 1a noche
He has written numerous articles on Latin American
and Chicano literature and is currently completing Contemporary Chicano Narrative: A
Tradition and Its Forms.
ANGIE CHABRAM, Assistant Professor of Chicano literature at the University of
California, Davis, teaches courses in Chicano literature and critical theory. She is coeditor
of Chicana/o Cultural Representations: Reframing Critical Discourses, a special issue of
Cultural Studies
4-3 (1990)
and author of "The Splitting of Chicana/o Subjectivityll in
Chicanas Speak Out (forthcoming U.C. Press). She is currently completing a volume of
interviews with selected Chicano scholars, Conversations with Chicano Critics: A Por-
trait of a Counter-Discourse.
BARBARA HARLOW, Associate Professor of English and Comparative Literature at the
University of Texas, Austin, teaches courses in Third World literature. She is the transla-
tor of Jacques Derrida's Spurs: Nietzsche's Sty1es/Eperons: Les Styles de Nietzsche
and the author of Resistance Literature
and Barred: Women, Writing and Political
Detention, to be published by Cornell University Press.
ROLANDO HINOJOSA, an internationally recognized writer, is Ellen Clayton Gar-
wood Professor of English and Creative Writing at the University of Texas, Austin. He is
the author of numerous novels in English and Spanish including Generaciones
Mi querido Rafa
Rites and Witnesses
The Valley
Dear Rafe
and C1aros varones de Be1ken/Fair Gentlemen of Be1ken County
All form part of his series Klail City Death Trip. He received the Quinto Sol Prize for novel
for Estampas del valle y otras obras
and the Cuban Casa de las Americas Interna-
tional Prize for novel for K1ail City
sus a1rededores
His latest novel is Becky and
Her Friends
LUIS LEAL is a well-known scholar of Mexican and Chicano literature. He is Emer-
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