Acknowl edgments
In writing this book, I have enjoyed the assistance and support of numerous
people and institutions. Over the course of the two years in which I sat in
the research room of the Public Archive of Bahia, I benefited from the good
will and patience of the staff there, particularly Raymundo, Daniel, Edvaldo,
Lázaro, and dona Maura, who located documents for me. I am im mensely
grateful to the employees of the cartórios of São Sebastião do Passé, Iguape,
Rio Fundo, Lustosa and Santo Amaro, who zealously maintain the precious
manuscripts in their care. Despite having other, more impor tant concerns,
the staff of the Santa Casa de Misericórdia Hospital in Santo Amaro, allowed
me to examine their impor tant documents.
A capes fellowship financed the research. The support of the State Uni-
versity of Bahia (uneb) and particularly of the Department of Human Sci-
ences of Campus V in Santo Antônio de Jesus was fundamental, allowing me
time away from teaching to carry out research and writing.
Numerous individuals made impor tant suggestions for the proj ect or
helped me to locate documents. Lígia Sampaio graciously recommended that I
read several impor tant sources and gave me access to her father’s writings, pic-
tures, and memoirs. João da Costa Pinto Victória helped me to locate private
correspondence and photographs, and shared the research he had developed
during his career. Constância Maria Borges de Souza read most of the chap-
ters. Her comments led to impor tant improvements. Neuracy de Azevedo
Moreira helped me with the statistics.
I am grateful to Silvio Humberto Passos, Rosana Santos de Souza, Marilé-
cia Oliveira Santos, Ericivaldo Veiga, Louise Blakeney Williams, Mark Ron-
deau, Paula Mahony, Marina Silva Santos, and my compadre Carlos Ailton,
for the motivation to keep on going. I shared concerns and learned a great
deal from the friendship and the research of Mary Ann Mahony and Hendrik
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