A Note about Currency and Orthography
Both before and after abolition and the fall of the Brazilian Empire, the basic
unit of currency was the real (réis in the plural). One real would have been
written Rs.$001. The sum of 100 réis was usually written Rs.$100. One mil-
réis was equal to 1,000 réis and written Rs.1$000. Larger sums were counted
in contos de réis, each one of which was equivalent to 1,000 mil- réis. One
conto de réis was written Rs.1:000$000. (Adapted from Barickman, Bahian
Counterpoint, n.p.)
Brazilian orthography has changed a great deal since the documents on
which this book is based were produced. In keeping with current practice,
spelling is modernized in the text but maintained in the original in the notes
and bibliography.
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