Over the course of researching and writing this book I have b
indebted to many friends and colleagues. In their own uniqu
each has inspired, supported, and challenged me along my jo
To begin, I thank all those in Ecuador who made my researc
sible. In particular, I am deeply grateful to Leonardo Viteri,
Villamil, Giovanna Tassi, Paulina Garzón, Yvonne Ramos,
Viteri, Chris Jochnick, Margot Escobar, Olga Pineda, Susana
linga, and the Cuji, Taula, and Canelos families.
A numberof colleagues have generouslyengaged with this p
through discussions and readings. My teachers and guides in
ate school at Stanford—Bill Durham, Jane Collier, Akhil
Dominique Irvine, Sylvia Yanagisako, and Donald Moore—ga
the tools for crafting a discerning mind. I am truly grateful fo
wise and gentle guidance. Since I joined the faculty at Davis, a
berof colleagues within and beyond the Universityof Californ
tem have offered invaluable insights that have shaped this proj
the better. I thank in particular Maria Antonieta Guzman, Joh
Barbara Metcalf, Lynn Meisch, Diane Nelson, Nancy Peluso, R
Perry, David Simpson, Candace Slater, Stefan Sperling, M
Subramanian, David Szanton, Georges Van Den Abbeele, S
Volpp, Louis Warren, Michael Watts, and Alexei Yurchak.
my department, I owe special thanks to Carol Smith, Roger
Li Zhang, and con cariño Marisol de la Cadena, for their caref
sightful, and generous readings. My most tender appreciatio
to Bill Maurer for providing relentless inspiration and suppo
A core of fabulous students have generously shared their tho
ful observations: Alex Ferry, Kregg Hetherington, Catherine
ler, Fabiana Li, Gynnie Robnett, and Ellen Woodall. Special t
go to Brooke Barnhart for her keen eye. I am most grateful t
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