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If Body: Riva and Zora in Middle Age
The painting here and also on the paperback edition’s cover is Riva Lehrer’s
If Body: Riva and Zora in Middle Age. In the painting, Zora, the dog, blind in
one eye and barred by the cone she wears from touching where it’s tender,
looks into the air and seems happy. Why? She looks happy because she’s still
and her face tilts up and because her tail seems intimately to brush Riva on
the floor in the background. Riva, her face half covered, is probably weep-
ing. But Riva is not in an absolute heap, destroyed by discomposure. She is
using her hand to hold her face half- together and to touch what Zora can-
not also touch. At the same time, she hides what Zora cannot also hide, so
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