This volume emerged from an Advanced Seminar at the School for Ad-
vanced Research (sar), Santa Fe, New Mexico, titled “Literary Anthropol-
ogy.” Convened by Anand Pandian and Stuart McLean, the seminar met
from Sunday, April 21, to Friday, April 25, 2013. We wish to thank the admin-
istration and staff of sar for their hospitality and unstinting support, most
especially Lynn Baca, James Brooks, Michael Brown, Jason Ordaz, Leslie
Shipman, and Nicole Taylor. We are deeply grateful to the participants in
the seminar, the contributors to this volume, for their generous spirit of col-
laboration and the won der of their words. We wish to express our gratitude
to Katie Stewart for her profound and illuminating afterword. Thanks are
also due to Dominic Boyer, Lawrence Cohen, Vincent Crapanzano, Val Dan-
iel, Elizabeth Davis, Bob Desjarlais, Denielle Elliott, Abou Farman, Brian
Goldstone, Cymene Howe, Tim Ingold, Eduardo Kohn, Jean Langford, Na-
tasha Myers, Kirin Narayan, Juan Obarrio, Beth Povinelli, Hugh Raffles, Pete
Skafish, Mick Taussig, Rane Willerslev, Bo ris Wiseman, and Helena Wulff,
who have provided much inspiration and encouragement over the years.
Parts of chapter 1 appear in an earlier form in “The Blue Years: An Ethnogra-
phy of a Prison Archive,” Cultural Anthropology 31, no. 4 (November 2016), and
parts of chapter 19 appeared in a different form in Lisa Stevenson’s book Life
beside Itself. Fi nally, we thank Duke University Press (in par ticular, Ken Wis-
soker) and two anonymous reviewers for their enthusiasm and support for
this book.
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