Part of this volume deals with the value of collectivism and how it
is experienced and realized within Cuban society as the island be-
comes increasingly caught up in the globalization process. My ex-
agement, and crucial contributions of numerous people across the
globe. To my friends in Cuba who inspired this project and helped
me realize it I owe immense gratitude. My friend Norma embraced
the project from the moment I first mentioned it to her, and she
worked with me the entire time I was in Cuba as though the project
were herown. Her lively sense of humor has always kept me going.
Hilda, Carlos, and abuela warmly welcomed me into their home and
their lives.Through our long discussions, often extending late into
the night, Hilda and I discovered together manyof the crucial theo-
retical issues that were framing my study. Lily and her son Randy
painstakingly helped me to transcribe sections of interviews and
rap lyrics. Lily was also a dedicated and committed contributor to
this project, organizing focus group sessions and turning up even
shared home-cooked meals, the occasional Cuban cigar, and many
Natacha was my constant companion, and our salsa dancing and
beach excursions helped me occasionally divert my attention from
my work.
I am indebted to those Cubans who facilitated my access to the
film archives, including Dunia Rodríguez, Elvida Rosell, and Pe-
dro; and music archives, including Grizel Hernández Baguer. I am
grateful to Ambrosio Fornet for his generosity in providing con-
tacts for my research, to Desiderio Navarro and Clinton Adlum for
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