This book has resulted from the patience, encouragement, and vision of a
good many people. I cannot thank them enough. I would like to mention
especially Vicente Portuondo Hechavarría and Miki Alfonso for showing me
the path toward profound understanding; Margaret Crahan for her mentor-
ship and guidance; Barry Carr, Rowan Ireland, and Joel Kahn for providing
me with unparalleled conceptual support; my students for their illuminating
classroom discussions; Ariel Armony, Susan Eckstein, and Diane Austin-
Broos for their insightful suggestions; Richard Flores for introducing me to
cultural anthropology; Valerie Millholland and the team at Duke University
Press for meticulously guiding the book through the editorial process; La
Trobe University and the University of Technology, Sydney, for funding my
research; Alex Broom and Assi Doran for being the very best of scholarly
companions; Jesse Wol√, Bruce Hearn, Tom Freeman, Nicholas Lyon, Ser-
gio Fredes, and Felipe Cornejo for creating a harmonious working environ-
ment; Karina Hearn for her sharp proofreading; Shani Hadiya Shakur for
focusing my energy on the important issues; Beatriz Adriana García for
seeing sun even through the rain; my family for providing me with the
confidence to transcend borders of every kind; and Echú Alaguana for keep-
ing me on track.
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