Every anthology represents the combined efforts of a dedicated group
of contributors. To those who gave their time and energy to write
essays for this book, I offer my grateful appreciation. It was a distinct
pleasure to work with all of you. At Northwestern University, I have
benefited from gracious colleagues and generous administrators on
two campuses. At the Feinberg School of Medicine, my thanks go to
Ray Curry (Office of Medical Education), Kathryn Montgomery, Tod
Chambers, and Ellen LeVee (Program in Medical Humanities and Bio-
ethics). In the School of Communication, I am grateful for the assis-
tance of Mimi White (Department of Radio/TV/Film). I also enjoyed
working with the impressive professionals at Duke University Press,
particularly Ken Wissoker, Christine Dahlin, and Pam Morrison. As
always, my parents, Eva and Eugene Friedman, my children, Marc and
Rachel Friedman, and my step-daughter, Allison Kavey, provided sus-
tained encouragement, laughter, and hope for the future. My wife,
Rae-Ellen Kavey, read my work with a keen eye and patient sensitivity.
To her I owe more than words can express.
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