would like to express my gratitude to the vari-
institutions and individuals whose financial,
intellectual, and moral support enabled me to com-
plete this book.
Both the National Endowment for the Humani-
ties and George Mason University provided crucial
research funding for the project, enabling me to
make several trips to Argentina over the years. In
Buenos Aires, the staffs of the Archivo General de la
Nación, the Biblioteca Nacional, and the Museo del
Cine Pablo Ducrós Hicken provided useful guidance
to their collections. Fabián Sancho, the director of
the library at the Museo del Cine, was particularly
helpful in securing images for the book. Julia Choclin
of Arte Video helped me assess the availability of
Argentine films from the 1930s. Valerie Millholland,
Gisela Fosado, and Fred Kameny at Duke University
Press have been a perfect editorial team: encourag-
ing, responsive, and constructive at every turn.
Parts of chapters 2, 3, and 5 were published in dif-
ferent form as ‘‘The Melodramatic Nation: Integra-
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