i n t r o d u c t i o n : t h e
o l l a b o r a t o r
at the cupboards of film history
I want to re-create some of the women it has been my good fort
to know. Who would have known Cleopatra or Mary Magdalene
Barbara Fritchie or Betsy Ross or even the Blessed Mother her
if somebody hadn’t re-created them in the time-space continuu
They continue, because of what others have said or written of the
as do the senators in John Kennedy’s Profiles in Courage.
—a d e l a ro g e r s st . j o h n s,
Some Are Born Great
Feminist curiosity can constitute a political, critical and creat
drive.—l au r a m u lv e y,
Feminism and Curiosity
Colleen Moore’s memoir, Silent Star, begins with dueling histories
early Hollywood: one is a dry account that traces the industry’s o
gins through real estate speculation and fair weather; the other s
gests that Hollywood was born when unlicensed companies fled
arm of the Motion Picture Patents Corporation. Moore claims t
she prefers this second version: ‘‘It has a serial thriller touch to it t
sounds like Hollywood.’’ She follows these stories of the origins
Hollywood with tales of the origins of her own stardom. Here
recollects an experience with her first scrapbook; an avowed fan of
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