There are so many people to thank. Some of them allowed me to borrow their
ideas-and sometimes even their words (but as Nick Lowe was purported to
have once said, "I only steal from the best"). Some of them allowed me to
bounce ideas and words off them, and were good enough friends to not al-
ways bounce them back to me. Some of them stood by me and others told
me when to get off. Some have laughed and danced with me, others have
mourned and prayed with me, and many have done both. Some have held my
hand, and some have patted me on the back. Some have thanked me, and
some have gone on without saying a word. Some have gotten high with me,
and some have shared my lows. But all of them have taught me something,
and 1 hope that 1 am a better teacher for having been able to touch so many
wonderful people. 1 cannot thank everyone. Many are there in the notes to
particular essays, and although I know it is not enough, I also know it will
have to do.
My work and my life as a scholar and teacher have been shaped by three
wonderful people, three of the best teachers/political intellectuals in the
world: Stuart Hall, Jim Carey, and Meaghan Morris. 1 was fortunate enough to
study with Stuart and Jim. And Meaghan has been what I used to call in
graduate school a dialogic partner-every intellectual's dream. They have
all been and remain more than friends and more than teachers. They have
helped to shape my sense of myself as a political intellectual, and they serve
as constant and powerful reminders of what an intellectual can and should
be. They each continue to have an enormous impact on my work, even though
I have moved in different directions, along different paths, over the past
decade. They have influenced me more than I can ever say and I know that I
will never find the words to express my gratitude to them. 1 also need to thank
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