Where does one start with acknowledgments fora first book? There are,
of course, many people to thank for myearly intellectual formation, the
most prominent of these in my mind is Susheila Nasta. Some of the
doctoral work in women’s studies at the University of York in Britain.
of questions that continue to inform my thinking. Mary Jacobus, Laura
Mulvey, and Tim Murray also helped me along the way, as did Dinah
Dufton, Deniz Horrocks, and Misha Kavka.
Although my work is usually a solitary process, I have many friends
andstudentstothankattheUniversityofUtah,Universityof Rochester,
University of Washington, Cornell University, and Duke University for
tutional support and friendship are Carolyn Allen, Karen Brennan, Mar-
shall Brown, Lisa Cartwright, Karen Engle, Fred Jameson, Tom Lock-
wood, Bette London, Ileana Porras, Maureen Quilligan, Laurie Sears,
Steve Shaviro, Nikhil Singh, Henry Staten, Steve Tatum, Priscilla Wald,
and Alys Weinbaum.Two feminist writing groups deserve special men-
tion. The participants included Madeleine Yue Dong, Carol Mavor, Uta
Poiger, Jan Radway, Lynn Thomas, Alys Weinbaum, and Teresa Vilaros.
Special thanks for the comments, encouragements, and meals during my
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