There are many people whose direct and indirect help have contribu
to this work, but those who imparted information about specific
of violence or killing cannot be named. I thank those individuals
acknowledge their bravery in being prepared to speak out. I am
to openly thank Roger Edwin, Clarence Edwin, and Alfred Ed
as well as Matteson Williams, Robinson Williams, and Sharon
liams for their consistent help. Matilda Sago, John Aldi, Roy Ed
Calvin Simon, Rodney Nazio, and Persaud Jonas also were generou
their concern for me and in offering their knowledge. Anna Benja
Janette Forte, Derek Leung, John Miles, Rupert Roopnaraine, Tere
Roopnaraine, George Simon, Dennis Williams, Jenny Wiseheart,
Brigadier Joe Singh (ret.) all were gracious in enabling my researc
Guyana, and I warmly thank them for that.
Funding for my field research was provided by the Wen
Gren Foundation and by the graduate school of the Universit
Wisconsin-Madison. The National Endowment for the Human
awarded a fellowship to assist in composing this work.
Many colleagues both wittingly and perhaps unwittingly influen
this work, and I would like to express my gratitude for their patie
and indulgence in listening to my earlier attempts to make sense of
experiences I went through. In particular Brian Ferguson, Jonat
Hill, George Mentore, Darrell Posey, Terence Roopnaraine, An
Christine Taylor, and Johannes Wilbert were important in that
cess. I also benefited from professional reaction to papers I presen
at the American Anthropological Association, Oxford University,
the University of Wisconsin-Madison.
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