1. The Exile movie poster 45
2. Jean Baptiste and Agnes Stewart in The Exile 56
3. Two- Gun Man from Harlem movie poster 60
4. Movie stills of Bob Blake in Two- Gun Man from Harlem 62
5. Movie still of Blake, the Deacon, and Dolores in Two- Gun
Man from Harlem 64
6. Actors in leaf costumes in Macbeth 71
7. Rex Ingram as Christophe in Haiti 72
8. Rex Ingram as Christophe in Haiti 72
9. The crowd waits for the opening of Macbeth 77
10. Close- up of the crowd waiting for the opening of Macbeth 
11. The audience at a performance of Macbeth 78
12. Macbeth seated on the throne 82
13. Lady Macbeth 82
14. Macbeth is encircled by voodoo priestesses 84
15. The spy Jacques, Toussaint L’Ouverture, and Henri
Christophe plot to overthrow the French in Haiti 98
16. Christophe and Odette in the closing scene of Haiti 100
17. Jacques is humiliated by French officers in Haiti 102
18. Alvin Childress as Jacques in a publicity photo for Haiti 103
19. South Pacific warriors in full regalia 113
20. Promotional photo of the principals in The Swing Mikado 
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