The proj­ect was funded by the Economic and Social Research
Council (esrc) of the United Kingdom through grant res-062-
23-1914; and by the Leverhulme Trust through grant rpg-044
(­under the title “Public Engagement with Genomic Research
and Race in Latin Amer­i­ca”). My thanks to both organ­izations.
I am very grateful for a British Acad­emy Wolfson Research
Professorship (2013–16), which has given me precious time to
work on this book (among other ­things). I appreciate the sup-
port given by the School of Social Sciences at the University of
I would also like to thank all the scientists and ­Manchester.
others with whom the members of the proj­ect team worked in
Brazil, Colombia, and Mexico; they ­ were generous with their
time and willingness to engage with the team. Thanks as well
to the editorial and production team at Duke University Press,
especially Gisela Fosado, Lydia Rose Rappoport-­Hankins, and
Susan Albury. The greatest thanks must, however, go to the
team members themselves. On a personal note, I owe a debt
of gratitude to my ­ f amily, especially my wife Sue, for putting
up with multiple trips abroad.
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