I am grateful to Michael Kirby for his counsel and his patient, painstaking
reading of the text and to Selma Jeanne Cohen, Ted Hoffman, Michael
Miller, and Robert Sklar for their advice and criticism. For help in the
research, editing, and preparation of the manuscript, I would like to thank
Jack Anderson, the Bennington College Judson Project, Adam Brightman,
Dan Cameron, Tony Carruthers, the staff of the Dance Research Collec-
tion of the Library and Museum of the Performing Arts (New York Public
Library at Lincoln Center), Kyle de Camp, Gautam Dasgupta, George
Dorris, Jon Hendricks, Wendy Japhet, Jill Johnston, the staff of Judson
Memorial Church, M Mark, Bonnie Marranca, Katy Matheson, Barbara
and Peter Moore, Wendy Perron, Carole and Tony Pipolo, and Burt
Supree. The many participants in Judson Dance Theater listed in the bib-
liography generously gave me time and information, letting me look
through personal files and documents and suffering hours of questioning.
Finally, as always, Noel Carroll was a generous and incisive colleague, as
well as an encouraging friend.
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