1. Core members of the group in Austin have included Sam Baker, Alyssa
Harad, Neville Hoad, Deborah Kapchan, Ann Reynolds, Janet Staiger, Kathleen
Stewart, many of our graduate students, and, as this book was being finished,
Craig Campbell, Josh Gunn, Heather Hindman, Randy Lewis, Sofian Merabet,
and Circe Sturm.
2. For more on Feel Tank Chicago, see Berlant, “Critical Inquiry, Affirmative
Culture.” Feel Tank members have included Lauren Berlant, Deborah Gould,
Vanalyne Greene, Mary Patten, and Rebecca Zorach. The group helped orga-
nize a conference at the University of Chicago called “Depression: What Is It
Good For?” in March 2004, and a conference called “Anxiety, Urgency, Out-
rage, Hope . . . A Conference on Political Feeling” in October 2007. See http:// (accessed 15 March 2012). For a review of the
conference, see Carmody and Love, “Try Anything.”
3. Gordon, “Something More Powerful Than Skepticism.”
4. See Clough and Halley, The Affective Turn, and Gregg and Seigworth, The
Affect Theory Reader.
5. Rather than attempt an exhaustive list, I will name here some of the
sources that have been most influential or productive for my thinking. I do
so in the interest of acknowledging fellow travelers, many of whom have had
direct connections with Public Feelings events and programming, and thus to
use affiliations, influences, and networks as the way of creating a bibliography
rather than some putatively more objective standard of coverage or complete-
Among those with direct ties to Public Feelings are Baker, Written on the
Water; Berlant, The Queen of America Goes to Washington City, The Female Com-
plaint, Intimacy, Compassion, Cruel Optimism, and many others; Boler, Feeling
Power; Cobb, God Hates Fags; Duggan, Sapphic Slashers and The Twilight of
Equality; Gould, Moving Politics; Hoad, African Intimacies; Jakobsen and Pelle-
grini, Love the Sin; Joseph, Against the Romance of Community; Love, Feeling
Backward; Luciano, Arranging Grief; Manalansan, Global Divas; Muñoz, Dis-
identifications, Cruising Utopia, “Between Psychoanalysis and Affect: A Public
Feelings Project,” “Feeling Brown,” and “Feeling Brown, Feeling Down”; Rey-
nolds, Robert Smithson; Soto, The De- Mastery of Desire; Staiger, Perverse Spec-
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