illustration Credits
Page 29. Altar of rocks from Waterton Park, Alberta. Photo taken in Ithaca,
N.Y., 1986. Personal collection of the author.
Page 43. Ann holding Virgen of Guadalupe by John Hernandez. Photo taken in
Austin, 1988. Personal collection of the author.
Page 62. Ann and her father with fish. Photo taken in Campbell River, B.C.,
1961. Personal collection of the author.
Figure 3.1. Page 155. Allyson Mitchell, War on Worries, 2001. Shadow boxes, 5″
by 5″. Originally produced by Bucky and Fluff's Craft Factory, a collabora-
tion between Lex Vaughn and Allyson Mitchell.
Figure 3.2. Page 162. Justin Bond and Kenny Mellman as Kiki and Herb, 2007.
Photo by Liz Ligouri.
Figure 3.3. Page 170. Leslie Hall, Stargazer. Photo by Rena Hall.
Figure 3.4. Page 173. Lisa Anne Auerbach, Body Count Mittens, 2005. Photo
courtesy of the artist.
Figure 3.5. Page 174. Lisa Anne Auerbach, Take This Knitting Machine and Shove
It, installation at Nottingham Contemporary Museum, 2009. Photo courtesy
of the artist.
Figure 3.6. Page 175. Magda Sayeg and Knitta Please, Knitted Wonderland, in-
stallation at Blanton Museum, Austin, 2011. Photo by Shawn P. Thomas.
Figure 3.7. Page 176. Betsy Greer, These Are Dangerous Times. Aida cloth and
dmc thread. International Anti- War Graffiti Cross- Stitch Series: #2, Dublin,
2004. Photo courtesy of the artist.
Figure 3.8. Page 179. Sheila Pepe, Lap, 2001. Crocheted shoelaces, industrial
rubber bands. Commissioned for Energy Inside, Faulconer Gallery, Grinnell
College, Grinnell, Iowa.
Figure 3.9a and b. Page 180. Sheila Pepe, Common Sense, a collaboration with
curator Elizabeth Dunbar, 2009. Yarn / audience participation. Solo exhibi-
tion at testsite/Fluent- Collaborative, Austin. Photos by Kate Watson cour-
tesy of Fluent- Collaborative.
Figure 3.9c and d. Page 181. Common Sense II, 2010. Yarn, rope structure / audi-
ence participation. Included in Hand + Made, Contemporary Arts Museum,
Houston. Photos by author.
Figure 3.10. Page 183. Faith Wilding, Crocheted Environment (Womb Room).
Rope and yarn, 9′ x 9′ x 9′. Womanhouse, Los Angeles, 1972. Photo cour-
tesy of the artist.
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