We are very grateful for the broad interdisciplinary support we received from
the Berkeley community for the conference ‘‘Derrida and the Time of the Po-
litical,’’ February 10–11, 2006. Specifically we would like to thank the depart-
ments of Art History, Comparative Literature, English, French, German,
Italian Studies, Philosophy, Political Science, and Rhetoric for contributions
that made the conference possible. We would also like to thank the French
Studies and Jurisprudence and Social Policy programs for their support, as
well as the Dean of Letters and Sciences, the Maxine Elliot Funds, and the
Townsend Center. Finally, we would like to express our appreciation to
Elizabeth Waddell, Brooke Belisle, and Colin Dingler for their indispensable
help with the conference and to Colin Dingler for his assistance in the
preparation of the manuscript for this volume.
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