Taking Culture Seriously in
The Age of Innovation
We are in the midst of a frenzy of innovation.
Technological innovation has been called the sin-
gle most significant driver for the development of
national competitiveness for countries across the globe.∞
While the position of the United States has fallen in the
global rankings that measure investment in innovation
(from first in 2005, to seventh in 2007), countries such as
Denmark, Sweden, and Singapore are leading the way in
cultivating complex socio-technical and political systems
that foster innovation based on the development and de-
ployment of new technologies.≤ But technological innova-
tion is not simply the concern of national governments, it is
also the preoccupation of increasing numbers of individuals
who display their inventiveness as YouTube videos, FaceBook
games, and pithy blog entries. Terms such diy, the Maker’s
Movement, and prosumer markets identify cultural zones
where personally motivated individuals fabricate innovative
applications that contribute to the plentitude of digital cul-
tures. In between government-initiated national projects
and new popular social movements lies the middle zone of
the creative industries, an emergent cultural formation in-
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