Manuscript Collections
African- American Tourism, Amistad Research Center at Tulane University, New
Orleans, Louisiana.
Louisiana and Special Collections Department, Earl K. Long Library, University
of New Orleans, Louisiana.
Midlo Center for New Orleans Studies, University of New Orleans, Louisiana.
Private files, New Orleans Multicultural Tourism Network, New Orleans, Louisiana.
Selected New Orleans Tours
Cajun Encounters Tours. “City Tour.”
Celebration Tours. “Katrina Recovery Tour.”
Dixie Tours. “Katrina Recovery Tour.”
Eclectic Tours. “Freedom’s Journey: An African American Perspective.”
Gray Line Tours. “Hurricane Katrina: ‘America’s Greatest Catastrophe.’
Le Monde Créole. “French Quarter Courtyards Tour.”
Louisiana Swamp Tours/Louisiana Tour Company. “New Orleans City and Post-
Katrina Tour.”
Tennessee Williams Festival. “African American Legacy Heritage Tour.”
Tours by Isabelle. “Post- Katrina City Tour.”
Interviews in New Orleans by the Author
Coble, William. October 30, 2002.
Jay (pseud.). September 9, 2002.
Mire, Phala. May 2, 1997.
Nevksi, Paul. March 25, 2002.
Osborn, Gregory. February 22, 2002.
Reidus, Gwen. September 9, 2002.
Rice, Toni. August 10, 2009.
Robin (pseud.). October 30, 2002.
Primary and Secondary Sources
“About New Orleans.” In The Soul of New Orleans: The Official gnobtn Visitor’s
Guide, 5. New Orleans: Greater New Orleans Black Tourism Network, 1993.
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