Selected Works
hiram bingham
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32.4: 329–47.
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Research.” Bulletin of the International Bureau of the American Republics (Washing-
ton): 283–300.
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Haven: Yale Publishing Association.
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can Po litical Science Review 4.4: 508–15.
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—. 1911a. Across South America: An Account of a Journey from Buenos Aires to
Lima by Way of Potosí; with Notes on Brazil, Argentina, Bolivia, Chile and Peru.
Boston: Houghton Mifflin.
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—. 1912b. “The Discovery of Prehistoric Human Remains Near Cuzco.” In Con-
tributions from the Yale Peruvian Expedition, 297–333. From American Journal of
Science 33 (April 1912). New Haven: Yale University.
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American Geo graph i cal Society 44.1: 20–26.
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—. 1913b. In the Wonderlands of Peru: The Work Accomplished by the Peruvian
Expedition of 1912. Washington: National Geographic Society.
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