diego armus teaches Latin America history at Swarthmore College. Among his
publications are Mundo Urbano y Cultura Popular: Estudios de Historia Social Argen-
tina and Entre el Curandero y el Médico: Cultura, Historia y Enfermedad en América
Latina. He is currently working on a book entitled The Years of Tuberculosis: Disease,
Culture, and Society in Buenos Aires, 1870–1950.
anne-emanuelle birn teaches history of public health and health policy in
Latin America at the New School University. Her research has appeared in Social
Science and Medicine, the American Journal of Public Health, the International Jour-
nal of Health Services, the Journal of the History of Medicine and Allied Sciences, and the
Journal of Public Health Policy.
katherine elaine bliss teaches Latin American history at the University of
Massachusetts, Amherst. She is the author of Compromised Positions: Prostitution,
Public Health and Gender Politics in Revolutionary Mexico City and articles published
in the Hispanic American Historical Review, the Journal of Family History, and the
Latin American Research Review.
ann s. blum teaches Latin American studies at the University of Massachusetts,
Boston. Her research, published in The Americas and the Journal of Family History,
focuses on intersections of family and state formations in modern Mexico through
institutional regulation of child welfare, child labor, and maternal-child health.
marilia coutinho is Coordinator of Science and Technology Policy at the
Center for Higher Education Research at the University of São Paulo (Brazil).
Her work is on public policy, concentrating on science and technology and on
ecology and tropical medicine. On the topic of Chagas’ disease she has published
in Perspectives on Science and Social Studies of Science.
marcos cueto teaches history of public health at the Universidad Peruana
Cayetano Heredia in Lima. Among his publications are Missionaries of Science: The
Rockefeller Foundation and Latin America; Salud, Sociedad y Cultura en América
Latina: Nuevas Perspectivas Históricas; Return of Epidemics: Health and Society in
Peru during the Twentieth Century.
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