srinivas aravamudan is an associate professor of English at Duke Uni-
versity. He is the author of Tropicopolitans: Colonialism and Agency, 1688–1804
(1999) and Guru English: South Asian Religion in Cosmopolitan Contexts (forth-
coming, 2004).
jean baudrillard is a professor emeritus at the University of Paris. He
is a professor of philosophy of culture and media criticism at the European
Graduate School in Saas-Fee, Switzerland, where he teaches an intensive
summer seminar. He is the author of numerous articles and books, including
System of Objects, Consumer Society, Critique of the Political Economy of the Sign,
The Mirror of Production, Symbolic Exchange and Death, On Seduction, Simula-
cra and Simulation, Fatal Strategies, America, The Transparency of Evil, and Cool
michael j. baxter, a Catholic priest and member of the Congregation of
the Holy Cross, is an assistant professor of theology at the University of Notre
Dame. He has published articles in the DePaul Law Review, Pro Ecclesia, Com-
munio, The Thomist, and other journals. During the fall of 1984, he cofounded
Andre House, a house of hospitality serving the poor and homeless of down-
town Phoenix, where he lived and worked until the fall of 1988. He is na-
tional secretary for the Catholic Peace Fellowship, an organization dedicated
to supporting Catholics and others who conscientiously object to participa-
tion in war. He is currently writing a book on Catholic social ethics in the
United States, tentatively entitled Seeking the Other City.
robert n. bellah is Elliott Professor of Sociology Emeritus at the Uni-
versity of California at Berkeley. He was educated at Harvard University,
receiving the B.A. in 1950 and the Ph.D. in 1955. His publications include
Tokugawa Religion, Beyond Belief, The Broken Covenant, and The New Religious
Consciousness. In 1985 he published Habits of the Heart: Individualism and Com-
mitment in American Life, written in collaboration with Richard Madsen, Wil-
liam Sullivan, Ann Swidler, and Steven Tipton. In 1991 the same five au-
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