Basic Political Chronology of the Spanish Conquest
1531 Jan. Arrival of the small Spanish expedition to the north of the
Inca empire. War of succession between Atahualpa Inca
and Huascar Inca.
1532 Nov. The 168 Spaniards capture Atahualpa Inca in Cajamarca.
Atahualpa’s generals capture Huascar. Soon after, Ata-
hualpa has Huascar killed.
1533 July Francisco Pizarro and Diego de Almagro, heads of the
conquest company, have Atahualpa executed. Allied with
another Inca faction, they march southward with some 300
men. Only Atahualpa’s generals resist.
1533 Nov. Spanish entry into Cuzco City, capital of the Inca empire,
and coronation of Manco Inca as new Inca sovereign.
1534 Joint Spanish–Inca-ethnic armies continue battling
Atahualpa’s generals. The Spaniards face the rival conquest
company of Alonso de Alvarado.
1535 Jan. The last of Atahualpa’s generals is defeated in the north of
the empire. Pizarro and Almagro buy out Alvarado’s army.
1535 May Diego de Almagro and Paullu Inca, brother of Atahualpa
and Manco Inca, leave for Chile with 500 and 10,000 men
1536 May Manco Inca begins his war. Lima is attacked and Cuzco is
besieged for a year. All aid expeditions are exterminated.
Pizarro’s brother Juan is killed.
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