Andas: litters, of many different kinds and ranks
Atao: warlike luck, expression of someone’s huacas’ support
Borla: Spanish for fringe, in particular that of the Inca
Bulto: body double of an Inca or of other high-ranking characters. Original body
parts, such as fingernails or hair, were used to make it
Cabildo: municipal council
Cacique: Caribbean word imported by the Spaniards, equivalent to curaca
Cámac: energy, power, generative essence, animating force
Cargar indios: to use Indians as loaders; in this period, most often forcibly
Chicha: Andean drink made of fermented corn. It was indispensable in many politi-
cal, religious and social ceremonies
Compañía: a conquest company; a private enterprise that had obtained the Crown’s
legal authorization to pursue the conquest of a given territory
Curaca: native lord
Encomendero: holder of an encomienda grant
Encomienda Grants: cessions from the Crown to conquerors of its right to collect
tribute from its vassals; in exchange, the awardees had to be ready to defend the
king and care for their Indians’ spiritual well-being
Hanan: the half of highest rank of a dual sociopolitical entity
Huaca: sacred, powerful being/shrine, with many possible embodiments
Hurin: the half of lowest rank of a dual sociopolitical entity
Información: see Probanza
Merced: grant
Mita: rotational labor service
Mitimae: members of an ethnic group residing away from the groups’ main
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