1. Colombia and Latin America 2
2. Antioquia and Colombia 2
3. The Aburrá Valley, showing principal textile manufacturers 41
4. Municipalities of Antioquia, showing sources of migration 62
1. Percentage of new hires that were female, 1920–60 7
2. Relative percentages of female and male workers, measured
by those present in the mills in a given year 7
3. Women and men, by years spent on the job 12
4. Women and men, by percentage noted as absent, whether that
absence resulted in a written reprimand, suspension, or dismissal 13
5. The Echavarrías of Coltejer and Fabricato 51
6. Relative percentages of persons who left voluntarily
and who were fired, Coltejer, 1918–34 112
7. Workers’ reasons for quitting, as a percentage
of those voluntarily leaving Coltejer, 1918–34 113
8. Percentage of workers entering Medellín’s mills between 1918
and 1960 who were cited or suspended during their employment 188
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