I think of appreciations to underscore the privilege and accrued value—
rendered in a flash or in longer gestation—of thinking with colleagues,
students, and friends. My hope is that their patience and per sistence have
made the arguments clearer, the arc of the book more accessible, and its
form traceable to those who have inspired me along the way.
I thank Larry Hirschfeld, who persistently demanded a simpler word, a
cleaner statement, a better parsed phrase, and Adi Ophir, with his fine-
grained thinking about concepts (despite and because of my adherence to
“conceptual labor” and his to “conceptual per formance”), who has been
such a generous presence and inspiration and who provided detailed com-
ments on a condensed version of chapter 3. I thank Lila Abu- Lughod for
her incisive comments on chapter 2. For help with chapter 4, I especially
thank Didier Fassin, Eric Fassin, Larry Hirschfeld, Achille Mbembe, Richard
Rechtmann, Janet Roitman, and Miriam Ticktin for their insights and com-
ments. A shorter version of that chapter appeared in Public Culture (23, no. 1
[Winter 2011]).
Chapter 5 profited from close readings by Frederick Cooper, Fernando
Coronil, Fasail Devji, Larry Hirschfeld, Amy Kaplan, Claudio Lomnitz, Us-
sama Makdisi, and the anonymous reviewers for Public Culture. The latter
part of the chapter was thought through with gradu ate students in my first
seminar at the New School for Social Research and especially with David
Bond, who urged me to further specify what I meant by any par ticular term
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