The genesis and the development of this book came from many travels and
conversations, and I thank all those who shared their knowledge, stories,
and love of fish and oceans with me. This project allowed me to discover an
immensely complex and generous world. I discovered bluefin tuna and the
idea of researching human- fish communities while I was at the University
of South Australia, and I thank the former vice chancellor, Peter Høj, for
generously funding me, and the great gang at the Hawke Research Insti-
tute (Lyn Browning, Gilbert Caluya, Maureen Cotton, Sonia Saitov, Lisa
Slater, and Shvetal Yvas). Thanks to Mandy Thomas for her support over
glasses of wine in Adelaide. Funding from the Australian Research Coun-
cil is gratefully acknowledged. My wonderful colleagues and our students
at the Department of Gender and Cultural Studies drew me back to the
University of Sydney, and I thank them for their continuing generosity and
intellectual support. It is my intellectual home, and I feel very lucky to have
such wonderful people in my life. Kate Johnston and Nancy Lee helped me
with research and, along with Morgan Richards’s wonderful graphic skills,
were central to the development of the Sustainable Fish Lab. Sean Fuller is
a wizard editor. Jodi Frawley shared her love and knowledge of fish. Katrina
Schlunke prodded me along when I was drowning in fish facts. Clif Evers,
man of the sea, reminded me of the importance of tacit knowledge. Jennifer
Biddle (cherished book- writing buddy) and I swapped chapters to read, and
we cheered each other along at the Angry Pirate. I have gained much from
the many engaged audiences who have responded to papers I have given
along the way, and my thanks to them and to the organizers who invited
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