This selected filmography includes only extant films that I have analyzed in the text.
Most of these are 35mm archival prints that I viewed in film archives. Films are listed
alphabetically, using their English- language release titles (when I have been able to
verify them) or using an English translation of a foreign release title or archival print
title. To promote access, I list archival locations for each title. Some films are more
readily accessible, and for these I list DvD or Internet availability.
I have left out of this filmography: (1) films I refer to in the text that are no longer
extant (to the best of my knowledge); (2) films I refer to in the text that are or might
be extant in film archives but that I have not been able to view myself; and (3) the
hundreds of other archival films that I watched while researching this book that I do
not analyze in the text.
For a listing of all known travel subjects released during the period covered by this
book, extant or not, culled from the lists of film releases published in the motion pic-
ture trade press, see Jennifer Peterson, “World Pictures: Travelogue Films and the
Lure of the Exotic, 1890–1920” (PhD diss., University of Chicago, 1999), app. A, table 1.
Information given (when known):
Film title: English- language release title (or English translation of title in
original language or English translation title of archival print)
Date of production
Film production company, director, or other crew
Country of production
U.S. release date or other release date
Alternative titles (alternative release title, foreign- language release title, or title
of archival print)
Access information: archival collection, DvD release, Internet access
Film archives and abbreviations:
Academy Film Archive, Los Angeles (amPas)
bFi National Archive, London (bFi)
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