All photos are by the author unless indicated otherwise.
∞. Huayna Potosí, from the outskirts of Rosas Pampa 30
≤. Weekly market in Santiago II, the zone adjacent to Rosas Pampa 35
≥. General purpose shop in Rosas Pampa 43
∂. Civic organizations and the state in El Alto 54
∑. Paving the central avenue in Rosas Pampa, Avenida 4, in 2000 75
∏. The community center, built by the junta vecinal, in 2000 87
π. The community center in 2003, with additional floor and
extension 87
∫. Banner welcoming Jose Luis Paredes to the school during the election
campaign of 1999 100
Ω. The Morenada in Quilloma, 2003 128
∞≠. Men dancing the Morenada, fiesta of Gran Poder, 2003 135
∞∞. Women dancing the Morenada in Quilloma, 2003 138
∞≤. The Kullawada of 2000 in Rosas Pampa. Photo by David
Campfens. 139
∞≥. Ch’alla of the author’s room for Carnival 152
∞∂. An August misa/mesa for Pachamama 152
∞∑. The Tent of the Holy Spirit, visiting Rosas Pampa 166
∞∏. Schoolchildren parade in El Alto for Independence Day 191
∞π. Civic parade in El Alto, passing the dignitaries on the stage 193
∞∫. An impromptu demonstration by the Federation of Street
Traders 193
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