achachila ancestral spirit located in particular features of the local land-
scape, especially mountains
adn Acción Democrática Nacionalista, National Democratic Action.
Right-wing oligarchic party of General Hugo Banzer, de facto
president 1971–1978 and democratically elected president 1997–
2001, when he retired in favor of his vice president, Jorge ‘‘Tuto’’
Quiroga. Banzer died from cancer in 2002, and the party disap-
peared after 2003. Quiroga’s successor party is called Podemos,
or Poder Democratico Social, Social Democratic Power. It came in
second in the elections of 2005.
alcaldía town hall, municipality
alteño/a resident of El Alto
altiplano Andean highland plain
ampliado meeting of general secretaries of associations or trade unions
which are members of a federation such as the Federation of
Street Traders. Ampliados are called by the executive committee of
the federation.
ayni reciprocal and obligatory service (e.g., beer bought for weddings
or other festivities); also labor
base grass-roots members of an organization
campo countryside
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