In contrast to some other regions of British India, photo-
graphic images of nineteenth-century and early-twentieth-century
Assam are di≈cult to find, except for privately held prints which can
seldom be e√ectively reproduced. O≈cial photographic e√orts by
photographers such as Benjamin Simpson tended to focus on ethno-
graphic portraits of selected ‘‘savage’’ groups. For this book I was
able to locate a trove of hitherto unpublished images of the ‘‘Assam
garden’’ and its denizens from an undated collection of Bourne and
Shepherd photographs held by the National Anthropological Ar-
chives, Smithsonian Museum Support Center, at Suitland, Mary-
land. There is no photographer or date listed for most of these
images, but some are attributed to Colin Murray, who was the firm’s
head photographer from 1870 and eventually took control in 1884
when the founders retired and left India. All illustrations in this
book are courtesy of the National Anthropological Archives, Smith-
sonian Institution: naa inv 04423901, opps neg 79-14668 (p. 105);
naa inv 04423302, opps neg 81-3611 (p. 106); naa inv 04423002
(p. 107); naa inv 04423502 (p. 108); naa inv 04423501 (p. 109);
naa inv 04423702 (p. 110); inn inv 04422901, opps neg 81-3607
(p. 111); naa inv 04423401 (p. 112, top); naa inv 04423402 (p.
112, bottom); naa inv 04423202 (p. 113); naa inv 04423600 (p.
114); naa inv 04423800, opps neg 79-14667 (p. 115).
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