Unpublished Sources
private papers
British Library, London
Auckland Papers
Joseph Banks Memorial on Tea
Francis Buchanan Hamilton Papers
Carnegie Papers
Carter Collection
Curzon Papers
Fowke Papers
Indian Tea Association Papers
Francis Jenkins Papers
Note on John Peter Wade
Centre for South Asian Studies Library and Archives, Cambridge
Hutton Papers
Mills Papers
Department of Historical and Antiquarian Studies, Guwahati
‘‘Buranji Vivekratna.’’ Maniram Barbhandar Barua, 1838 (transcript of
original mss).
Jenkins, Francis. ‘‘Journals of a Tour of Upper Assam,’’ 1838.
———. ‘‘Report on the Revenue Administration of the Province of As-
sam,’’ 1849–50.
Guildhall Library and Archives, London
Assam Company Papers
Nehru Memorial Museum and Library, New Delhi
Jyotiprasad Agarwala Papers
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