I would not have undertaken this long journey without the
critical guidance of my professors at Stanford University:
Pamela Lee, Scott Bukatman, Harry Elam, and Peggy Phe-
lan were invaluable resources. I remain grateful to Wanda
Corn and Arnold Rampersad for their commitment to my
success; I only hope I can be half as prolific and professional
as they. My sincere appreciation to Moira Roth for her
intellectual openness and generosity of spirit. Since arriv-
ing at the University of Texas, Austin, I have benefited from
the counsel of Jill Dolan, Michael Ray Charles, Edmund
Gordon, Omi Osun Olomo, Joni L. Jones, Ann Reynolds,
Roberto Tejada, and John Yancey.
The research and writing of the manuscript was made
possible by generous funding from the W. E. B. Du Bois In-
stitute for Afro-American Research at Harvard University,
the Research Institute of Comparative Studies in Race and
Ethnicity at Stanford University, and an Acls/Luce Disser-
tation Fellowship in American Art during the dissertation
phase. Postdoctoral work on the manuscript was funded by
fellowships from the Getty Foundation, the Ford Founda-
tion and, at the University of Texas, the College of Fine Arts
and Division of Diversity and Community Engagement.
Thanks to my colleagues and friends for challenging me
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