This book was a long time in the making and, as a result, has accumulated
a host of debts. The first of these began innocently enough when, in 1986,
Bernard Cohn suggested that I check out the India Office archives in Lon-
don for ‘‘prize rolls’’ related to British army looting in China. This is fitting,
as Barney had long provided a model for how to study colonialism and im-
intellectual commitments.
In London, Craig Clunas and VerityWilson at theVictoria and Albert Mu-
seum, and Frances Wood at the Oriental and India Office Collections of the
British Museum, have provided invaluable assistance and continued friend-
ship overa numberof years.Without their guidance and helpful suggestions,
research on museum collections, the art market, and the circulation of ob-
been impossible. Robert Bickers and Aubrey Singer helped me track down
some of the looted objects now in other museum collections.
Over the course of researching this book, I benefited greatly from the ex-
pertise of a number of research archivists, museum curators, and librarians.
These include DeAnne Blanton and David Wallace at the National Archives
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