bpp U.K., House of Commons, BritishParliamentaryPapers on
China, Irish University Press edition
b&w Black&White
cc76 ChinaNo.1 (1876)
cc77 ChinaNo.3 (1877)
cc91 ChinaNo.3 (1891)
cc92 ChinaNo.1 (1892)
ce CelestialEmpire
cesm CorrespondencerelativetotheEarlof Elgin’sSpecialMissionstoChina
crac CorrespondenceRespectingAffairsinChina,1859–1860
fo Foreign Office Archives, Public Record Office, London
frus Foreign Relations of the United States
iln IllustratedLondonNews
ior British Library and India Office Records, London
jncbras JournaloftheNorthChinaBranchoftheRoyalAsiaticSociety
lw Leslie’sWeekly
nam National Army Museum, London
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