atua supernatural being or force; “god”
haehae to cut or incise the fl esh, typically as part of mourning rituals
haka action dance, oft en performed as a challenge, as a prelude to
confl ict, or to mark a notable event or achievement
hākari ritual feast
hapū subtribe, clan
hara off ence, a violation of tapu, sin
hau breath, life- force, vitality
hei tiki amulet in human form worn around the neck
hui meetings, ceremonial gatherings
iwi tribe
kainga village, settlement
Kākā a large forest parrot (Nestor meridionalis)
karakia ritual chants, prayers
kaumātua elder
digging stick
kokowai ochre, used as a bodily adornment
kuki “cook,” slave
kūmara Polynesian “sweet potatoes” (Ipomoea batatas)
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